How to Efficiently Study for Finals

I hate to bring up such a stressful topic during the summer, but I thought it was important to try and help make finals a little bit more bearable for others. A majority of the time, you might feel like you don’t have enough time to study for all of your exams during finals week. So, it’s incredibly important that you use your time and energy wisely. With that being said, here are some tips on how to efficiently study for your final exams:

Tip #1: Drastically increase your caffeine intake

If you want to do well on your exams, odds are you probably aren’t going to be able to sleep all that much during finals week. Since you’re not going to be sleeping anyways, you don’t need to worry about your caffeine intake whatsoever. About to go to the library? Take a double-scoop of your roommate’s semi-legal pre-workout. Headed to your exam? Make sure to drink at least three Red Bulls on the way. When you think you’ve had enough caffeine, take some more. And if you somehow can’t find any source of caffeine, there will probably be some degenerate in the library selling Adderall. 

Tip #2: Use ChatGPT for EVERYTHING

Artificial intelligence is a wonderful tool for just about anything, but it comes especially in handy when you need to cram an entire semester’s worth of material in twelve hours. Any study guides or practice quizzes should be immediately thrown out. All of your professors will likely have no idea what they’re talking about so you’re better off on your own. Whatever topic you need to study, just type in different questions to ChatGPT and skim over the response. You’ll be headed for that A+ in no time. 

Tip #3: Hack into your professor’s computer

Odds are, your professor will probably have an electronic copy of the final exam on his computer. If you’re in a pinch and really need to do well on your final to pass the class, just simply hack into your professors Google account and send yourself a copy of the exam. From there, rely on tip number two to figure out the exam questions and write the answers on your forearm before the final. Hopefully you won’t get too sweaty. 

Tip #4: Blackmail your professor

If your hacking skills are subpar, then you might have to resort to extortion in order to get a copy of the exam. Pretty much everything is on the internet nowadays, so dig up some dirt on your professor and then blackmail them until they give you a copy of the exam. However, don’t ask them to give you an A in the class since that would be dishonest. Everyone should work hard in school and put a solid amount of time into studying and/or threatening to leak their professor’s affair with a student to the university. 

Tip #5: Listen to music

I know this is pretty simple in comparison to the other tips, but there’s no denying that music can be incredibly helpful when it comes to studying. Not only does it help drown out any distractions, but it can also be relaxing during a very stressful time. Remember to prioritize your mental health during finals week as that is more important than any grade you could ever receive. Also, I find that music helps to ease my conscience after completely ruining another man’s life after he refused to provide me with test answers.

Written by the godfather

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