Let’s Try To Cancel Bill Burr… again

For those that don’t know, Bill Burr “hosted” part of the pre-recorded Grammys and is getting some people mad over his performance. Bill had the pleasure of naming the winners of some Music categories and butchered a few names which is not allowed to happen, according to Twitter. 

Bill Burr is getting “canceled” for his pronunciation of a few of the names he read off that night. I put “canceled” in quotes because Twitter has been trying to cancel him for years and fail due to Bill being the greatest fucking person alive. He is untouchable in cancel culture because he’s one of my favorite comedians ever, and, more importantly, doesn’t actually do anything wrong. It wouldn’t be the Grammys if people on Twitter didn’t like something. Who the fuck even watches the Grammys? The only things that I know that happens at the Grammys are singers dressing up in vacuum-sealed grocery bags, and a bunch of actors I don’t know winning awards I don’t care about.

Are you telling me that you would’ve been able to pronounce each of those names perfectly without ever seeing them before? No, you couldn’t. People act like this is offensive to those people, when in reality, it’s not that big a deal to fuck up a name. It’s an honest mistake. Think about it… How many times have you heard a substitute teacher mess up someone’s name? Every time? Yea that’s what I thought. You don’t get mad at them, so why are you mad at Bill. I could understand if Bill was given the names beforehand and still fucked them up, but I’m guessing he was just reading them right there on the spot and trying his best.

I also just love that this is how far cancel culture has come. you can’t even fuck up saying someone’s name now. How fucked up is that. I wanna change my name legally for 1 year to something like GKKKKSKSKSKZKSOSO and go around canceling all these power hungry horse girls on Twitter for fucking up my name.

Even though I’m sure there was a contract for him to do this for a while, he really did look like a substitute teacher up there. It looked like they called him up and said “yea we need you to come in today because Mr. Johnson has pneumonia so you will be taking over his class… what’s that? A list of the students’ names BEFORE you go in to teach? Fuck off” 

If Bill Burr pissed you off then I feel sorry for you, not because of Bill… but because you watched the fucking Grammys.

Congrats to Tiffany Haddish though

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