Shannon Sharpe Was The Ultimate Asshole After What He Did To Julio Jones

There’s literally a law against this. You have to tell somebody that they are live on air. We heard everything from the phone ringing to Julio Jones answering Sharpe. Nothing good can come from answering a phone call. A text would’ve been life-saving here for Julio Jones.

Sharpe: Hey Julio are you leaving Atlanta?

Jones: Yeah, but don’t say anything on your stupid ass show.

Instead, Sharpe called Julio, and he must’ve not realized that Sharpe was already on his show when he answered the phone. That was the most candid answer we have ever heard from Julio, and I want to thank you, Julio, for realizing that the Cowboys are absolute shit. When Julio agreed with Sharpe that he wouldn’t win in Dallas, my inner Philly dirtbag cheered.

This seemed like when you’re in a locker room, and you’re on the phone with your mom. You try to tell everybody to shut the fuck up, but there’s always one person who pretends they didn’t hear you and say something along the lines of, no dude, I’m not going to suck your dick. You then have to awkwardly explain to your mother that there is no dick-sucking happening in the locker room.

Or when you’re in high school, and you’ve snuck to a party. You lie through your teeth that you’re just staying at your friend’s house as a red solo cup is filled with shitty liquor is in your hands. Then as you’re trying to hurry up, a drunk buddy stumbles to you and rips the phone from your hand, and tells your mother that they are fucked up. Suddenly you’re trying to assure your mom that you’re not a party. You fake pictures to make it seem like you’re not at a party.

Remember, nothing good comes from phone calls. So if it isn’t Dallas, where is Julio going? My inner fan wants him to go to Philly, but it doesn’t make sense as we still don’t know who the quarterback will be. Julio in Miami would be fun, but my dream would be for him to go to Buffalo. I love Bills mafia, and Diggs has flourished in Buffalo, so why couldn’t Julio? Imagine Josh Allen’s rocket arm throwing 50-yard bombs and having Julio jumping up over defenders to grab the ball. Defenses wouldn’t be able to double team Diggs, with Julio lining up on the other side.

I hope that Julio gets traded somewhere and that Sharpe being a dickhead doesn’t spoil his chances of leaving Atlanta.

Written by Mailman Dave

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