The Queen is Dead

Queen Elizabeth II has died. The monarch was 76 years old and died “peacefully” at Balmoral Castle in Scotland. She was surrounded by the royal family at the time of her death. Elizabeth was the longest reigning monarch in history, serving 70 years on the throne.

Reports broke this morning that the Queen’s health had taken a turn for the worst and that all royal family members immediately made their way to Scotland to visit her before passing.

The traditions that come with a monarch’s death in England are insane. Firstly, within 24 hours, the parliament will all take an oath to pledge their allegiance to the new ruler, Elizabeth’s 73-year-old son Charles. Charles will be England’s first king since George VI, Elizabeth’s father. Charles will now be known as King Charles the third. King Charles the second ended his reign in 1660 before the internet was invented.

The UK is also about to go into one of the craziest sequences any country goes through. For at least the next ten days, most economic activity will shit down or be greatly subsidized. Sporting events will most likely be canceled. Citizens are going to get 2-3 days off of work and regularly scheduled activities. Schools, both primary and secondary, will be canceled as well.

England also has to reprint all of its physical money. Not just England, but any country that falls under their sovereignty, including Canada and Australia. It hasn’t happened in so long that some economists are saying England could hit a mini-recession out of it. The head of the bank of England did say today that they wouldn’t take money with the queen out of circulation, but the final decision is still to be seen.

Really good day to be Irish though.

Written by tfmdirtymike

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