This Sunday Might Be The Best Quarterback Matchups Ever

It’s Conference championship weekend this Sunday, and the matchups we have are amazing. The two young bucks of the league match up this weekend with Patrick Mahomes, and Josh Allen. Then in the other Conference we have two GOAT’s going against each other with Aaron Rodgers, and Tom Brady. This weekend will be some of the best football that we will have all year, and you know what makes good football even better? Is gambling, and make sure you’re using .

In the AFC we have the Bills traveling to Kansas City to play the Chiefs. This will be a game that I imagine we see a lot of in future AFC Championships. The Bills are one of the hottest teams throughout this playoffs, and they have played some of the toughest defenses in the league this offseason. The Colts ranked 11th in points allowed, 2nd in rushing touchdowns allowed, and 12th in passing touchdowns. The Bills were able to score 27 points against the Colts. Then the next week they were faced off against the Ravens who were even a better defense than the Colts. The Ravens were 2nd in points allowed, 5th in passing touchdowns, 6th in passing yards, and 7th in yards. That amazing defense didn’t matter as the Bills defeated the Ravens, and Josh Allen of course helped with that, but they were lead by their defense. This weekend Josh Allen will be facing against a much softer defense than he has this entire postseason. The Chiefs rank 20th in passing touchdowns allowed, 16th in yards, and 21st in rushing yards. The Chiefs are on the other hand are going to be lead by a banged up Patrick Mahomes. Mahomes was in the concussion protocol after he took this big hit.

Of course Mahomes is going to play this Sunday, because the NFL is the NFL. The Chiefs are the best team in football their offense is just a different animal compared to any team in the NFL. My heart is telling me that the Buffalo Bills are going to win this game, but my brain doesn’t give a fuck about my feelings towards Bills Mafia and is telling me that the Chiefs will win this game. P.S. I can’t write about the Bills without putting Bills Mafia in this blog.

In the NFC we have the Buccaneers traveling to Green Bay to play the Packers. Can Tom Brady handle playing in the cold now that he’s an old man and is used to that Florida weather? To bad he has never played in extreme cold before, oh wait…

Pro Football Reference has a Hall of Fame Monitor that takes a look at the players best season, their second best season, and adds up their accomplishments MVP, All Pro, Super Bowls, and etc. A score of a 100 is the average for players who will make the Hall of Fame for this Conference Championship the quarterbacks Hall of Fame monitor is off the charts. Tom Brady has a 248, and Aaron Rodgers has a 151. Safe to say that this is a historic matchup between two quarterbacks. The Bucs have finally clicked throughout this postseason which is what they were built for. Regular season is cool and all, but what really matters to Brady is the playoffs.

Aaron Rodgers and the Packers were in this same spot last year, but they lost to the 49ers because their defense was soft. The offense is never an issue with Green Bay, it’s always their defense. Last year the Packers defense was ranked 21st in rushing touchdowns allowed, 23rd in rushing yards allowed, and 18th in yards allowed. Compared to this year they’re 14th in rushing touchdowns allowed, 13th in rushing yards allowed, and 9th in yards allowed. Now why would their rushing defense matter when the Bucs have Tom Brady, Mike Evans, and Antonio Brown. Playoff Lenny has been a force this postseason, and his running allows for Tom Brady and the passing offense to be even more explosive. Leonard Fournette against Washington had 93 yards, and averaged 4.9 yards per carry. Against the Saints the combination of Leonard Fournette and Ronald Jones combined for 125 yards.

If the Bucs want to win this game they will need to slow down Aaron Rodgers who is leading in points scored this year. The Packers offense has gotten even better even without drafting any talent to go around Rodgers. They are 1st in passing touchdowns, 5th in yards, and 8th in rushing yards. The Packers also love to get out to big leads very quickly. They scored a total of 299 points in the first half this year, but you know who won’t worry if they go down big in the first half is Tom Brady. This man was down 28-3 in the Super Bowl, and came back to win the biggest game of the year. For this game I don’t really care who wins I just want good football. I do see the Bucs winning, and adding another accomplishment for Tom Brady.

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