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U.S. Beer Shortage?? 

College students, 45-year-old gambling addicts, and Portland Millenials are in danger of losing their true love: beer. As a result of a carbon dioxide production shortage – god knows how that relates to beer – brewers now have to severely cut back on their output of brewskis. Now, I consider Coors a delicacy, so I won’t pretend to be an expert on the brewing process, but it seems as though this shortage presents a huge threat to the beer industry as it tries to rebound from the pandemic.

In layman’s terms, beer will now be more expensive to make nationwide, therefore causing breweries to sell their beer at higher prices. For those who can afford it, this price hike might not make much of a difference, but the pockets of college students around the country are about to get a whole lot lighter. Every time I turn on CNBC – which isn’t a whole lot – the big talking heads always ramble on about “inflation” and “supply chain issues”. I guess it didn’t really matter to me until my Sunday morning beer shower was put in jeopardy. 

Currently living in a college town, I pray to god Americans don’t handle this beer shortage as they did in 2020 with toilet paper. The thought of walking into the nearest convenience store and the fridges being completely empty is downright terrifying. But, if worse comes to worst, hand sanitizer is 120 proof.

*Information for this article was obtained from Axios*

Written by the godfather

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