We Had A Good Ole Fashion College Boxing Match Where One Person Was Put To Sleep

I saw some people online saying this was a dorm fight; there is no way in hell this could have happened in a dorm. You’re lucky to squeeze 6 people in a dorm. No way could a boxing match pop up with a crowd of people in a dorm. I want to imagine this happened in some frat’s living room after a night full of drinking.

We have white gloves starting as the aggressor, and then quickly, the tables were turned. White gloves weren’t even throwing out real punches. He was trying the slap punch style, which he quickly realized does no damage. Black gloves defended himself well as he turtled up as the storm of slaps rained down on him. Then the second he found his opening, he cocked back and landed a clean knockout punch.

The night probably started pretty normal for white gloves dude. He was probably partaking in some jungle juice, awkwardly hitting on some girls, being quickly denied by those same girls, and found himself talking to the boys. Somebody then said they had boxing gloves with them. White gloves dude sprung into action as he was fueled by shitty beer and liquor. He bragged how he could take anybody in a fight. This wasn’t some Disney story where white gloves was heroically sticking up for a girl or standing up against a bully. Nope, this was somebody acting cocky when in reality, they couldn’t fight to save their life. Black gloves dude took him up on the action, and before white gloves dude knew it, he was in a boxing match and getting knocked the fuck out.

This was real life Never Back Down, which side note is a great fucking movie.

If this happens to you, you need to transfer right away. You can’t stay at the college since you will forever be known as the guy who got knocked the fuck out. It doesn’t matter what happens. This one night will live on forever. 11 different phones were capturing this fight. You getting knocked out was covered by all angles. He can’t pretend he wasn’t that person; this video made its way around the entire school before you woke up. There were cameras shoved in his face as you were snoring on a puke-filled carpet.

Written by Mailman Dave

Just a regular mailman who wants to sit around and write about sports​

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