Why Is Twitter So Angry?

Social Media Review: Twitter

Twitter has to be my least favorite form of social media today. You can’t open Twitter and not see a tweet claiming that the world is ending tomorrow and it’s your fault. That’s my main issue with Twitter, it’s not the opinions that are being shared because I believe you should be able to say whatever you want, it’s the arrogance that these people have blaming everyone but themselves for what is going on. It’s nobody’s fault and everybody’s fault at the same time.

Trust me, there is nothing I like more in this world than seeing someone get outrageously angry over something small, but Twitter is a different breed of anger. It’s like not being able to look away from a car crash. But, Twitter is like if the people involved in the car crash came to your house the next day and blamed you for everything because you were looking at them. 

I wake up every morning reading 5-10 tweets or threads that have a similar tone which is: “look what THEY did… Why did YOU do this?!”. A political tweet (from either side) trying to enact change through the use of screaming and blaming other people has about the same amount of impact as me whispering that tweet underwater. Being angry doesn’t get things done, it just gets more people angry… Believe me, I know from experience.

For some reason, people view a tweet as if it is a new commandment. When, in reality, it’s just some words to look at.

Twitter DOES have some good things about it. I do enjoy having that ability to quickly check what the fuck is going on even if it’s 90% bad. I also do see a lot of positive friendly threads that spark the community aspect that Twitter is capable of. I’ll see musicians start a thread telling more newer musicians to share their music for #newmusicmonday or something. I’ll see LGBTQ+ threads of people sharing their stories and being supportive. I’ll see artists create threads of them sharing their newest drawing or cartoon and getting their first fans. All of these are positive, harmless, and amazing to follow. It is the one part about Twitter that doesn’t make me want to slowly feed every inch of my body through a garbage disposal.

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