‘Call Her Daddy’ Rips Piece-of-Shit-Pete Davidson And I Love It

I hate Pete Davidson. Like most everyone does. And I hate him for all the same reasons that you do…. he isn’t funny, he isn’t good looking, he isn’t intelligent yet he keeps landing 10s… but, apparently, ‘Call Her Daddy’ host Alex Cooper hates him for actual reasons. And she shared them.

Thankfully she did NOT lower her standards so far that you could trip over them and date Davidson, buuuuuuuut she had a friend who did: Davidson’s ex-girlfriend, Cazzie David, is said friend and was on the podcast earlier this year. She opened up about a psychologically draining relationship (recommended listening).

“Having known someone who dated him, let’s just say it’s a fvcking disaster,” she explained.

“I think Pete is enjoying his time. I think he is enjoying the content and pops into ‘SNL’ every week and is like ‘everyone wants to know my new bit,’ and he has one because he’s constantly going around with new women every five seconds,” Cooper added.

I also particularly like how in her shift in train of thought, she let the tracks run right over Kim.

It is also a pretty hilarious theory:

“Kim was probably like, ‘Kourtney has always been the most boring and somehow she’s thriving and I can’t let her have the spotlight so now I have to one up her,’” she said. “I’m sorry but to go from Kanye to Pete… you’ve had chaos and it’s like why are you choosing more tumultuous shit. If anything, it makes me think ‘that shit’s so corny. Why are you doing this for views.’”

I have long held that Kourtney is the best looking Kardashian, though the most boring, however her being with Travis Barker had me looking with a little side-eye.

Anyways, she concluded with another darn good point, who is watching the Kardashian kids? Kanye is out there acting afool while Kim is… out there acting afool…. and it isn’t like Scott is slowing down so Kourtney can step out.

“It’s annoying me that him and Kim are dating, because this is the thing. My take on it seeing Kim with Pete, all I want to do, and it’s the same with like Megan (Fox) and MGK. I literally want to just be like, ‘Where are your kids? Where the f**k are your kids and why are you galavanting around?’” Cooper said.

Written by Malcolm Henry

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