Did Buddy Boeheim… Yup, Buddy Boeheim Just Punched His Opponent In The Stomach

Look out, Grayson Allen… there is a new scumbag on the block.

Also — goodness, I love that every game is televised now. Nothing like this ever slips.

Anyways, Syracuse star Buddy Boeheim ‘appeared’ to punch Florida State’s Wyatt Wilkes in the stomach during the first half of the Orange’s second-round game in the ACC Tournament.

By appeared, I mean he clearly did. He fvcking gut punched this dude.


Boeheim was not called for a foul on the play. So.. like, how did the ref miss it? It was pretty obbvious.

If you didn’t click play, he ‘appeared’ to swing his right fist into Wilkes’ midsection as he turned to run back on defense.

I am legally obligated to use ‘appeared’ and ‘allegedly’ a lot.

Wilkes, for his participation in the play, doubled over and squatted for a moment … you know, like anyone would do if they got punched in the stomach.

The winner of the game advances to face Duke in Thursday’s quarterfinals.

Written by Malcolm Henry

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