Dude ‘Allegedly’ Tried To Steal A Dinosaur Claw, But Got Busted

An almost Legend A man has been arrested for allegedly (allegedly doing a lot of work here) stealing a fossilized dinosaur claw valued at just north of $25,000 from a vendor in Arizona last month and then trying to resell it, according to authorities.

So… like… he clearly stole it, right… I mean, how else would he have it? But legally… we say ‘allegedly’ to not get sued for libel.


The claw was allegedly stolen at the end of last month from a vendor at the city’s annual Gem and Mineral Show, police said.

Christopher Thomas, 39, allegedly then tried to sell the claw on Feb. 8 to another vendor, who recognized the item and alerted police, police said.

So much allegedly.

The dinosaur claw is now in Colorado with its owner. Not allegedly. The owner has it back.

Thomas now faces a felony charge of trafficking stolen property.

It was unclear if Thomas had a lawyer who could speak on his behalf about the case.


Photo by Hannah Pemberton on Unsplash

Written by Malcolm Henry

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