‘Squid Game’ Is Awesome, So Naturally It Is Time To Cancel It

Every day when I log on to the computer and look to find things to write about so that I can pay my gambling debts bills, I find that I hate people more and more.

Hating popular things should not be a personality type, yet more and more it becomes the thing to do. The latest target is ‘Squid Game’ …

If you have been living under a rock, the show centers on a group of down-on-their-luck players offered a chance to compete in violent versions of children’s games to win 45.6 billion wan. That is only about $38M in US money, still enough to go to Five Guys two or three times, but not as much as the Korean figure… Anyways, it has drawn over 111 million monthly views worldwide since it debuted on Sept. 17.

Now, breaking news here, headlines are being made because experts are worried for the children…

Psychologist Dr. Sandra Wheatley told The Daily Mail that the violence on the show might encouraged young children to “stand by” or “join” bullying rather than helping their peers.

“Some children might not understand the violence in the show,” she added. “It may make them question, ‘why is nobody helping them?’ Clearly there are messages there that we really don’t want our kids to take on board.”

I have news for Dr. Sandra Wheatley — and all the fvcking shitfaces in the comments — SQUID GAME IS NOT FOR YOUNG CHILDREN.

The show is rated TV-MA. ‘MA’ stands for ‘mature audiences’. Children aged 17 and younger should not view these programs. Sooooo…. if little Johnny or Sally is allowed to watch it, that is the fault of the parent. It is not the fault of Netflix.

Even if all these purple hair clownshow humans want to blame Netflix… there is a little setting right on the ap to control who can watch which show.

Pass it along… it is RIGHT HERE.

Take some personal responsibility as the adult in the house and tell your kid NO.

It is okay to let your little fifth grader miss out on it.

It it the same people who will try to allow their 9 year old to be transgender but will also complain that Squid Game is going to ruin their future.

Get it together.

Oh, here is more from the “expert”… Laura Linn Knight, a parenting educator and former elementary school teacher, told Today that the show is “not appropriate” for 9 to 10-year-olds. No fvcking shit… remember that MA thing we talked about earlier?

“They’re taking childhood games that they’re playing on the school yard, like red light/green light and tug of war, so children are actively playing these games with their friends,” she told Today. “Now they’re being exposed to it in a way where killing is involved and it’s life-threatening.” 

Kids are not being exposed to anything. No one is forcing anyone to watch Squid Game. No one is forcing anyone to let their kid watch it, either.

If you don’t want your kid to watch ‘Squid Game’ then do something about it as a parent. It is not up to the world to make sure you kid doesn’t watch a television show. It is yours.

Written by Malcolm Henry

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