Hold Me Closer Emrata

I don’t know if you’ve seen this photo of Emily Ratajkowski holding her baby like it’s a dishcloth, but it’s taken Instagram by storm. I literally wouldn’t even hold my three-year-old mac book air that loosely. I don’t know if not supporting the infant’s head is that big of a deal. The picture also could be a candid. Honestly, if I had a body like Emrata, I’d make sure that child didn’t cover it up too. I want those insta likes. Get out of my shot little bitch! Also, whose taking photos of her 24/7? Her Instagram husband? Or does she just take a photographer with her on vacation? The visual of her holding her baby like it’s her old channel bag is just kinda jarring. You rarely see moms barely hold their baby like that.

To be fair, I’m sure Emily Ratajkowski is a great mom. Even if she’s not, she gave that kid her genes. That kid is pretty damn lucky. Maybe she was just repositioning the kid when the photo was snapped. Maybe we are just being hypercritical. We are so tired of seeing her look amazing 24/7. She never has a bad photo. Even when she’s risking dropping her baby, she looks incredible.

This picture was so funny I tried to recreate it with myself. I suck at photoshop.

Then I tried to photoshop Kamala Harris barely holding tiny Joe Biden

I also did a Megan Thee Stallion and DaBaby. They’re both stars. This picture was truly only inspired by the height difference.

Finally, Elon keeping doge just barely alive in his arms.

You can tell by the last photo I was getting lazy. I was so over trying to use photoshop on my phone. I just gave up. Similarly to how I am tired of writing this blog and am just going to give up. If you like my photoshopping follow my Instagram (shameless plug @carolinebano) where I make extremely embarrassing and funny(?) posts.

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