Who to Block on Instagram

Block your mom from your Instagram story. Do it. Live your life. BLOCK HER.

Now, your mom wants the best for you. However, you should have the freedom to live your life without your mom calling you asking why you are wearing a bra as a top and taking shots. The older generation didn’t have social media. They got to be young and get away with lying to their parents. With the rise of social media, we lost that privilege. You have got to live your life. Your mom rocks, but block her.

HOWEVER, some trolls on social media don’t want what’s best for you. Block all of those judgemental pricks.

If you have DM-ed me something mean, some guys I don’t know who read my blogs have, you’re honestly sad. Can you believe you went out of your way to DM something mean to someone you’ve never met? Weirdo. BLOCKED. All your energy doesn’t even hurt me. Because you don’t know me. Same with people from my past who are jerks. They don’t know me. People are always changing. Change is the only constant in my life. If you knew me two years ago, I guarantee you don’t know who I am anymore. I’m like Khloe’s face, I’m always evolving. Block the trolls.

While you’re at it, block your ex that responds to all your stories. Block the asshole who said something so mean to you, it still stays with you. Block the girl who called you fat. Block the guy who called you a whore. Block the guy who made fun of your boobs. Block anyone who disapproves of your outfit choices.

Block anyone who makes Instagram about politics. Block judgemental people. Especially the people who think they’re open-minded, but are judgemental. You can tell they are fake “open-minded” people, because, although you aren’t close, they will tell you how to feel, how to post, and what to do.

Block people who don’t respect mental illness. People who don’t give grace to those with invisible struggles.

Block the Instagram model that edits all her pictures. No shame in her game. But if it fucks with your mind to the point where you don’t feel sexy in a bikini because the image of her facetune abs is in your mind, BLOCK HER.

Block your ex’s new girlfriend. The reason? You keep looking at her page. How can that be good for you? I am going to tell you right now. You’re more interesting than her. Do you see the number of mirror selfies that girl takes? No way she has a personality. Instagram is a lie and she is just as unhappy with him as you were. BLOCK HER.

DON’T block people just to hurt them. DON’T unfollow people who love you and want the best for you.

But PLEASE don’t fill your time with images and people who don’t want you to become the badass you are. I have no time for people who want me to be dragged down. Anyone who looks at my posts and then talks or tweets about me is obviously obsessed with me. Total fan behavior. Although I am flattered, I don’t want to see assholes on my timeline. Social media should be a fun way to meet people, find memes, and keep up with your bestie from middle school who moved away.

You and I are on our way to be the coolest, most badass versions of ourselves. If anyone is in my way, I don’t have time. Evolving and growing takes a lot of effort. I will not willingly invite negative, hateful energy. Not even on my social media.

So in conclusion, block your mom from your Instagram story. Block the guy you can’t get over. Block the girl from college who sucked. Do it. It’s your Instagram!!!!

Written by Caroline Bano

Super boring girl with mediocre personality....but I'm hot. Read my blog. NYC.

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