Sunday Scaries – Going To A Job That You Hate

My name here is literally Mailman Dave, so yes, the job that I’m talking about is the Post Office. But this isn’t exclusive to the Post Office. This is a feeling you get the night before you have to go back to that hell hole you call a job.

I normally don’t write anything serious; I try to make people laugh as I’m comparing porn stars to basketball players, finding random Urban Dictionary words, trying to find the perfect hangover movie, and whatever random internet story is happening. But when I was asked to write about Sunday Scaries, I knew that I could get serious and let people in on what I’ve gone through.

So a little backstory, my life is what most people would consider as crazy and something that you should never do; I got married at 19, had a child at 21. I knew what I wanted at a young age, and I did exactly that. I knew I found the love of my life and that I didn’t want to be an old dad.

When my daughter is 14 and wants to go fishing or play sports outside, I didn’t want to be old where I couldn’t do any of that. So why am I telling you my life story? Well, it has to go with why I got a job at the Post Office. Where I live, it’s a tourist area, and good jobs are hard to come by. So when the Post Office was hiring, I decided that was the best for my family, and oh boy, did I quickly realize that I fucking hated it.

I’m a very creative person, I have written 6 books that are just chilling on my computer, and I’m too afraid to try and release. I love finding new ideas to write on this site and working at the Post Office; there’s no creation. You deliver to the same place every day, and it’s mind-numbing work. I’ve been there for 6 years, not because I love it but also because it’s what I needed to do.

Over these 6 years, my anxiety and depression have gotten worse. On my days off, I would watch time go by, and in my head would tell myself shit in 12 hours, I have to be at work. I would refuse to go to bed early because I knew the second I wake up, I had to get ready for work. I started to hate myself and be miserable even when I was home. All because I knew that soon enough, I would have to go to work. I would be on a two-week vacation, and the last 4 days of it would be a countdown until I had to return to work.

I’ve had bad mental breakdowns, thoughts on ending my life partly, so I didn’t have to go to a job that I hated. There are other reasons, but I’ve always felt the core was going to a job every day that I despised. I’ve thought of plans of driving the mail truck into a tree and making it look like an accident so my wife and child could get money from the Post Office. These breakdowns would pass, but I would still be overcome by a feeling of dread on my days off.

So when I heard about CBD companies like Sunday Scaries that could help with anxiety, I decided to give it a try. Whenever I would feel a sense of dread, I would take 2 of these gummies, and my anxiety would melt away. Sunday Scaries made me start enjoying my days off again by living in the moment and not anxiously looking at my next workday.

If you hate your job and want to actually enjoy your days off, I highly recommend you try Sunday Scaries.

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Written by Mailman Dave

Just a regular mailman who wants to sit around and write about sports​

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