Both Devin Booker And I Are Trying To Find This Suns Fan

I’ve written about this man kicking the shit out of two Nuggets fans, and if you remember, I interviewed one of the guys involved in the Padres and Rockies fight.

So I wanted to find this Suns fan who not only kicked ass but also predicted the future. After he was done throwing haymakers, he was yelling Suns in 4.

Well, the prophecy was fulfilled after the Suns took care of business and won last night and swept the Nuggets. Phoenix’s star Devin Booker found out about this guy and asked the internet for help.

So far, no real person has claimed to be this man. There was one guy who said it was him. I dug deep into this man’s Twitter, and he did prove to be a huge Suns fan. There were random Tweets in French and then other Tweets that made no sense. People also dove into this man’s Twitter and asked about the French. He said that he was part French, so which was a little suspicious. All this man needed to do was take a video of him saying Suns in four, and everybody would believe him. No videos, and even though I knew it was fake, I slid into the DM’s hoping that it was real.

Nothing, but crickets which is what I expected. Hey, shooters gotta shoot, though. I hope Booker can find him. How sick would it be if Booker rolled up to game one of the Western Conference Finals in his sick car with this man riding shotgun?

Written by Mailman Dave

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