It’s Over. I Have The High Ground… Oh, Wait, I Don’t Know How To Fight

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Everybody knows the meme. Shit, you don’t even need to be a Star Wars fan, but whenever you hear it’s Over Anakin, you know that the next words are I have the high ground.

If you only know the meme and have never seen Star Wars Revenge of the Sith, first of all, what the hell? The 3rd Star Wars is the best of those, and second of all, I’ll give you a little reminder. Anakin thinks he’s hot shit and can beat Obi-Wan and tries an insane triple front flip that would get Simone Biles jealous. Well, all of the flips didn’t matter cause Obi Wan filleted Anakin’s body up like it was a flounder.

So when I saw this fight I knew that I had to compare it to the popular meme.

There’s a lot to break down in this fight. First of all, what the hell are these two Denver fanboys doing trying to fight a desert person? The extreme heat and sand have molded people who live in Arizona. They are used to battling 120 degrees weather you think a couple of Nuggets fans will be an issue?

I don’t know how the fight actually started, but from the looks of it, it seems like Nugget boys thought it was a playful scuffle and then tried to be sneaky and throw in a surprise punch. Desert man saw that shit coming from a mile away. He backed away from that punch and then had that boy in his grasp and started to throw haymakers.

We had multiple punches being thrown, and Nuggets boy friend didn’t really try to help. He made one shitty attempt and was met with a punch and then watched his friend get pummeled. My favorite part was Desert man telling the Nuggets boy that he was going to fuck his friend up, as he then threw an uppercut.

Nuggets boys go running off, holding their face with their chains wrapped around their necks that mommy and daddy probably bought them as the police come rushing in. Desert man was probably arrested, but this is was video proof that Nugget boys started with the sucker punch, and Desert man finished it.

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