Family Sues for 60 Million Over Father’s Corpse Mix-up

A pair of sisters from Long Island, New York are suing a funeral home in South Carolina for sending them a stranger’s corpse instead of their father’s. The biggest issue was the fact that they went through with their father’s funeral. The sisters claim they were reluctant that the body was their father, but the assurances from the funeral home allowed them to continue. Now, they are suing for a whopping sixty million dollars.

This is a terrible situation for the family to be in. My heart truly does go out to them and their inability to properly mourn their father on a sad day. That being said… sixty million dollars? Are we sure about that? This funeral home didn’t replace your alive dad with a dead man. He was dead, and he still is. That’s unfortunate, but there is no way they did sixty million dollars worth of damage. 

I know it’s rare, but what if the man in the coffin woke up. Imagine being at your dad’s funeral, and some guy awakes from his coffin and starts walking around. His daughters would’ve been frantically on the phone with a funeral home worker who would tell them, “Sorry, your father is still dead. He’s just in Connecticut.” As terrible of a situation that is, I think anyone with a sense of humor would eventually laugh at that. 

I wanted the daughters to ask for less money in this situation so I could pick my side a little easier. They held the moral high ground, and deserved to use this as their own get rich quick scam. As their lawyer pointed out, they were wronged and lied to. But running backs can’t even get ten million dollars, and they serve a purpose. These two should reassess their goals in this case. Until they do, I’m team funeral home. But only in the way that I root for the Patriots when they are playing the Cowboys.

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