WATCH: 76-Year-Old Woman Rises From the Dead at Her Own Funeral

A shocking video was released yesterday of an Ecuadorian woman – pronounced dead – waking up in her own casket. While she doesn’t shoot up and start conversing with those around her, it’s pretty clear that she’s definitely not dead. Let’s take a look:

There’s probably some valid medical explanation as to what the hell is going on in this video, but I really could care less. In my eyes, that woman is a full-on zombie. According to CNN, the woman was eventually transported back to the hospital to receive treatment, which has got to be one of the craziest things I’ve ever heard of. I’m pretty certain that the health care in Ecuador isn’t necessarily up to par, but I feel like it wouldn’t be that difficult to tell whether a person is actually dead or not. 

I would imagine that this woman’s family is filled with joy to have her back as a result of this medical miracle, but can you imagine the second time she dies? If I were them, I would be so freaked out at the next funeral that she would just decide to wake up again randomly. Until this woman is literally six feet underground, I wouldn’t trust any death certificate (especially from these doctors). As long as this lady doesn’t turn into one of those nasty creatures from The Last of Us, I’m alright with her back in the land of the living. But, if we start to get any Plants v. Zombies vibes from this chick, she’s gotta go right back in that coffin.

Written by the godfather

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