Former Nickelodeon Star Joins Playboy

The headline isn’t new. It is new for the subject of this story, however. Madisyn Shipman of the Nickelodeon show Game Shakers recently joined Playboy’s Centerfold platform. Centerfold is essentially Playboy’s attempt to reclaim the throne of nude image distribution back from OnlyFans. Either way, Shipman has joined the platform to start selling pictures of herself online, and even had her own photoshoot in the signature bunny costume.

I had no idea who Shipman was when I first read this headline. I don’t have any siblings born between the years 2007-2011, so I was never forced to introduce myself to Game Shakers. I haven’t seen it, but I can’t imagine it holds up the quality of kids’ television from our youth. I don’t need to see a second of that show to know it’s not half of what Drake and Josh was.

Despite my clear lack of knowledge about Shipman’s career, I’m a fan of her new online venture. She is taking Nickelodeon fame, and rebranding it into a more mature image with one photoshoot. She also wears the Playboy Bunny suit very well, which is something I enjoy. 

Maybe it’s time for parents to realize that when they audition their child for a role in a kid’s show, they will have to do some level of adult content to separate their image from it in the future. If this is what Shipman had to do to earn a real role, good for her. It’s also good for fans, though.

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