Who Knew Carmen Electra Still Looks Great?

I guess anyone who watched The Last Dance.

As far as I was concerned, Carmen Electra no longer had the looks that grasped the world’s attention in the 90’s. Apparently, I’m wrong. Electra just did a photoshoot for the Australian brand I.AM.GIA. Terrible brand name. Great brand decision.

I don’t think I’m wrong when I say that 2000’s babies are mostly unaware of Carmen Electra. Don’t get me wrong, she was famous enough for me to love her pictures in my youth. I also couldn’t really tell you what she was famous for though. The way I saw it, she was the hot girl that dated Dennis Rodman during the prime of his partying career, and that was pretty much it. 

Apparently, Electra was one of the biggest models and stars in the world for a while. She was one of the perfectly crafted lifeguards running in slow-motion across every screen in the 90’s back when that was considered television. She was also the girl who died in the first scene in Scary Movie. Now, she is hanging onto her good looks and leaving her quiet life for modeling opportunities that will fly her to Australia. 

A partially clothed Carmen Electra is not what I expected to see today on Twitter. I remember her as the girl that my dad and his friends paid to see on the centerfold of a magazine when they were my age. As much as that gave me a multitude of unwanted thoughts, it also shows how long Electra has been at the top of her game. She is becoming the Robert DeNiro of the modeling world. The only difference between them is she is reasonable enough to have no more children. 

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