Furry Attacks Man at Huntington Beach

I don’t really know how to preface this. There was a furry event at Huntington Beach this weekend. I don’t know what the technical term for their events are, but a group of furries appeared to be having a good time on the beach. That is, until a man with a video camera began filming, and antagonizing the group. A furry was seen screaming at the man with a bullhorn in attempts to make him leave. After his attempts were unsuccessful, he laid down the law by smacking the man around with the bullhorn.

I love this video. When I first heard what sounded like a child’s wailing after the scuffle, I assumed it was a child being disturbed at a family event. I was wrong. After being clubbed in the head by the furry, the man fully grown child attempts to make himself a martyr between sobs. It’s the best part of the video. 

I wish we could’ve seen more of the buildup leading up this scuffle. It looks like neither of these guys has ever been in a fight in their lives. If the swing of the bullhorn and screams of the man-child aren’t enough proof, their reluctance to hit each other should be proof of this. As a result, I bet the escalating insults these guys threw at each other were probably comedy gold.

I’m on the furries’ side here. They weren’t harming anyone, except maybe themselves for wearing those outfits in the California heat. All the sudden, this guy came over and forced them to really use their animal instinct.

This guy should take a note from Andrew Callaghan’s book on how to treat furries. He shouldn’t take any other pages from his book though. Apparently that guy struggles with the term, “no.”

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