Jerry Jones Is Ruining The Dallas Cowboys

ARLINGTON, TEXAS - AUGUST 29: Dallas Cowboys owner owner Jerry Jones looks on prior to an NFL game against the Jacksonville Jaguars at AT&T Stadium on August 29, 2021 in Arlington, Texas. (Photo by Cooper Neill/Getty Images)

All NFL owners are practically the same, they are all old successful billionaires who like to watch their millionaire players go out on the field and give each other brain damage for profit. Some owners are very hands-off and let the football minds run their teams for them. And some are control freak assholes who need to be involved in every part of their team.

And no one is more involved with their team than the bug-eyed, creepy old man, who traded away their best receiver for a bag of rocks and 5 dollar subway sandwich Jerry Jones. As well as being the owner of one of the most pathetic franchises in modern sports. Jerry Jones is also the general manager for the Cowboys. And it is single handily ruining his franchise. The Cowboys this year had a super bowl caliber lineup. They have a good offensive line, touchback tony pollard (fuck Ezekiel Elliot), and a good defense. They had all the pieces.

But because of the incompetency of their owner, they now have a sorry excuse for a quarterback in Rayne Dakota Prescott.  Paying Rayne $160 million to have him throw 15 interceptions in twelve games was one of the worst head office decisions in recent memory. Dak Prescott has been and will always be a low to mid-tier quarterback. Jerry Jones knew this, even after having Dak hold out from training camp and him playing another no-playoff-win season on a franchise tag to demand a contract so crazy that no one in their right mind would pay him the only person dumb enough to think dak had a future was the bug-eyed man himself Jerry Jones.

If the Cowboys want to be successful in the coming years, Jerry Jones needs to step back and let the football minds do their job. Because of his actions and those made by his coaching staff the Dallas Cowboys are essentially in limbo. They have a team that can win the chip but the performance issues of their team and their abysmal front office with Jerry Jones as GM. The cowboys in my eyes are a long way off from the Super Bowl.  All of this was written by a devout Eagles fan. In summary GO BIRDS. Fuck the Cowboys.    

Written by Nolan Breslin

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