Man Loses 60 Pounds From Eating Nothing But McDonalds

This man is living my dream.

Kevin “Big Mac” Maginnis has just wrapped up his own personal challenge of eating McDonald’s three times a day every single day for 100 days straight. Nothing else, just McDicks. Despite what we may have learned from the famous documentary Super Size Me, Maginnis’ journey had significantly different results. Shocking results, actually.

After his 100 days, Kevin weighed in at exactly 179.5lbs. That is 58.5lbs down from his starting weight of 238lbs. That’s nearly 60lbs in just over three months! Just look at this transformation.

Photo taken from The Today Show

So how did Kevin drop all that weight from eating nothing but fast-food? Well, his plan of attack was pretty straightforward. No menu item was off-limits, including burgers, fries, and even dessert. The only catch: he only ate half of whatever he ordered.

Maginnis’ strategy was to show the world that what matters most when losing weight is portion control. He didn’t eat any snacks other than his three meals, made sure to drink at least 80-90 ounces of water each day, and maintained a strict following to his rule “seek the heat before you eat.” This mantra that Maginnis has lived by over the last 100 days means that he refuses to eat his next meal until he can actively feel his body aching for it, whether that be a stomach growl or just a hunger pang. Maginnis admits that the heat would always come three times a day due to him only eating half meals, but ensures that after each meal he would have enough fat stored to give him energy. 

While Kevin made sure to follow the rules he set upon himself, he didn’t do many of the things people typically do when dieting. He never counted his calories and allowed himself to eat whatever he felt like, and his only source of vegetables came from skimpy lettuce and tomatoes that came on burgers. He was never ordering salads (McDonald’s doesn’t even sell them anymore) and the closest thing to fruit he ate was an apple fritter.

In an appearance on The Today Show this morning, Kevin was asked about his blood work since embarking on his endeavor. Maginnis admitted that many skeptics brought up this same point, saying that daily McDonald’s couldn’t truly be “healthy” even if it helped lose weight. Well, guess what, those people were idiots. “Big Mac,” as his friends call him, saw a drop in his cholesterol, is now at lower risk of heart attack, and even moved from the “prediabetic” category to a “healthy range” based on his A1C levels.

This has got to be the greatest diet story I’ve ever heard. Sure, Jared from Subway lost a bunch of weight eating sandwiches, but first of all Dons over Subway all day, and second that dude is a pedophile. Kevin Maginnis is a man just like you and me that loves his Quarter Pounders and was able to make them the forefront of his quest to lose weight. That is a win-win if I’ve ever seen one. This man is an innovator, a role model for men of all ages, and a pure genius. Congratulations, Kevin. You are purely an inspiration to all of us. Please just don’t celebrate by touching any children and tarnishing your good name.

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Written by Alex Becker

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