Miss Wisconsin: Florida’s New Biggest Fan

Florida’s football team is hitting its stride this season. After a week one loss to a talented Utah team, they have bounced back for two straight wins, including a close victory over eleventh ranked Tennessee this past week. Their quarterback, Graham Mertz has kept them composed for the first few games of the season. Afterall, Mertz’ life off the field is going too good for him to stress about football scores. 

Graham Mertz dates Alexis Loomans, aka Miss Wisconsin. The two have been dating since he has been at Wisconsin last year, and she followed him to Gainesville in his road to the NFL. Her presence on the sideline must serve as an inspiration for Mertz, the Gators’ roster, and every aspiring quarterback in the world. 

Loomans posted with Mertz before the game, and was seen in the stands cheering him on during the close win. She was also seen at their previous game, kissing Mertz after they dismantled some poor school that had no business sharing the field with an SEC team. Either way, it appears that Florida just found their new hottest fan, which is really saying something considering their demographic. 

The support that Loomans is giving Mertz might be more valuable than she realizes. He is somewhere on the bubble of being drafted next year based on the beginning of his college career. His stats haven’t been particularly impressive this year. I’m aware that Anthony Richardson has made a good case for Florida quarterbacks with underwhelming stats. I’m just saying it’s possible that Loomans will get him the attention he needs from NFL teams to secure a healthy signing bonus.

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