2023 College Football Drinking Game

Male Friends Cheering For Their Team Winning Sports Match

College Football is so back and you know what that means, sitting on the couch all of Saturday. Eating and drinking till you’re full like a tick and then feeling hungover on Sunday. We have made it through summer, for the most part, sane. The Week 0 games did not scratch my itch as much as I wish they did, but the Saturday slate will do exactly that.

The Set-Up

Set-up? Come on, 30 rack of beer and 1/5th of your favorite liquor. Maybe have some snacks ready in case you get the munchies after the morning games. Other than that, you have Door-Dash and Uber Eats.

The Rules

Firstly, have 1 drink every time:

  • Every Time The Announcers Say “Welcome Back”
  • You Hear: “They Have A Great Recruiting Class”
  • The College Football Playoff Trophy Is Mentioned Or Shown
  • Touchdown
  • Any Mention Of Conference Re-Alignment

Have 2 drinks every time:

  • You Hear Something About NIL
  • Missed Field Goal From Inside 30-Yards
  • Targeting Penalty
  • Cameraman Shows A Hot Cheerleader
  • Turnover

Take A Shot:

  • The Over Hits
  • Gus Johnson Audibly Finishes After A Big Play
  • Safety
  • Anytime You Think “I Could Do That” (You Can’t)
  • Overtime

Finish The Bottle:

  • If You Lose ALL Your Bets
  • Your Team Loses

Written by TFM Stelly

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