NFL Mock Draft Strictly Based on Vibes

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Will Levis has positioned himself to become a high NFL Draft pick in 2023, depending on whom you ask. The Kentucky quarterback has room to grow in terms of passing accuracy, but also possesses the physical tools to do so. (Silas Walker/Lexington Herald-Leader/Tribune News Service via Getty Images)

The NFL Draft is tomorrow. The biggest day of the year for every single one of these young men who will be drafted. My mock draft will have nothing to do with actual football. Instead, it will be solely based on who I would want to drink a beer with and/or be my friend.

  1. Will Levis – Kentucky

People will probably think this is crazy, but hear me out. Will eats bananas with the peel on and puts mayo in his coffee. I think that’s top-tier talent. Nothing is better than being friends with a guy who will eat or drink anything. “$5 bucks you won’t eat that” is basically a party starter and vibe setter in and of itself. That is why Will Levis is my #1 overall pick.

2. Peter Skoronski – Northwestern

Every friend group needs a big man. Also, his last name leads me to believe he is Polish. As someone of Polish descent, I know that boy can drink some vodka and vanquish some beers. That is why he is my #2 pick. Also, look at the big boy move.

3. Darnell Washington – Georgia

6’7 and 270. This is a guy who can clear the path at concerts and bars for everyone in the group. Ladies love him because they feel safe around him. Known in the group chat as “Big D” and just seems like a good-vibes guy. There is no reason a dude this large should be able to jump the way he does. Darnell would be a lock for my friend group.

4. Tank Bigsby – Auburn

What a name. Tank. Just a bowling ball of a dude and I feel like Auburn parties taught him how to party. Would be a good addition to the crew plus imagine just making people call him “Tank” at a function.

5. Rejzohn Wright – Oregon State

Netflix Star Rejzhon Wright! He was on Last Chance U a couple of years ago, so that could be huge for picking up girls and using his clout as free game. I think it’s a solid pick and I feel like I remember him being cool when he was on Netflix.

6. Deuce Vaughn – Kansas State

For every Darnell Washington, you need a Deuce Vaughn. He is 5’5 but would be a huge addition to the friend group. I feel like he’s a fiery guy who is probably the most athletic out of the whole group. Plus his highlights are dope to watch cause he’s so damn fast.

7. Stetson Bennet – Georgia

Do I need to link the video of his arrest? Not only is he a confirmed boozer, he is like 45 so he should add some much-needed sense and realism to the friend group. Stetty would also be the first one to get married out of all the guys, so his bachelor party would be like a trial run for the rest of the weddings you attend. Plus, he works at Canes so that means free food for the fellas.

8A/8B. Brad Robbins and Chad Ryland

This is Total Frat Move and no real list would be complete without Chad and Brad. Not only are they a pair of Chad and Brad, but they are also a kicker and a punter. Feel like they will for sure be able to delete beers and set a good vibe for everyone. Their dads are probably lawyers or some other white-collar position that could help everyone out in the future.

10. Anthony Richardson – Florida

You need a Florida guy in the group. Simple as that. Plus he has a cannon for an arm. You’re never out of range for him to toss you a beer.

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