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Paige Spiranac Shotguns Beer At Golf Course, Shows Off Her TFM Roots

Total Frat Move alumni, Paige Sparanac, had a fun time on “hump day” by joining in a beer-chugging session reminiscent of her college days. The most popular golf influencer made waves on social media during a promotional event with her favorite beer, Garage Beer.

She had previously promised to reward someone with a lifetime supply of beer, and the participants lined up to prove themselves. Ultimately, Chicago’s Johnny Fireball emerged as the winner of the contest. However, the focus wasn’t solely on the outcome. Observers were divided on how impressive Paige’s beer chug was.

While some considered it a good shotgun, others saw a bit of a balk at the beginning, followed by a mysterious four-second gap during the chug. The absence of a clear finish (tipping the can upside down) also left room for speculation in the gallery. Despite these points, I would argue Paige Spiranac’s looks factored into the judgment, resulting in a solid “A” rating for her chugging skills.

As a guy who has drinking many beers (flex), I would say any girl that attempts to shotgun is already an “A” in my book for their effort. Also, as a former alumnus, Paige Spiranac can do nothing wrong in my eyes. She is the star of TFM and she deserves the world.

Written by TFM Stelly

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