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New Golf Babe Hotter than Paige Spiranac?

I know, I know – not a lot of people on this planet are hotter than Paige Spiranac. However, I think this chick has got some serious potential to be the next face of hot girl golf. I’m no professional (actually far from it), but it seems like she’s also got a pretty solid swing too.

My initial reaction to these pictures was simply, “Wow”. I mean, what else can you really say? Not that any of us would have a chance with Grace, but she really would be the perfect girlfriend. Smoking hot and won’t get mad at you for wanting to play golf? Sign me up.

If there was film of every shot I’ve taken around a cart girl, I’d probably have shanked 80% of them. If I was hitting around Grace, however, that rate would probably be closer to 95%. I also suck at golf, so that doesn’t really help either. Maybe Grace will eventually start to give golf lessons later on in her career. She’s got at least one guaranteed customer so far.

I’m not sure if this outfit would pass under proper golf etiquette, but who really cares? It’s not like any old dude is gonna report her if they see her out on the course in a bikini. I certainly wouldn’t.

Written by the godfather

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