Travis Kelce Replaces Joe Burrow As 2023 “White Boy of the Year”

“White Boy of the Year” is a competition that was created on Twitter a few years back. The original video was posted by Chet Hanks. Yes, Tom Hanks’s son. He mentioned back in 2020 that it was going to be a “White Boy Summer”. Ever since it has been a meme on social media to crown a “White Boy of the Year”.

Here are the consensus winners of the last 3 “White Boy of the Year” titles.

2020 – Tyler Herro – Tyler Herro in 2020 was in a bag of his own. He helped lead the Heat to the bubble championship, losing to the Lakers, and got into a relationship with Katya Henry. Nobody was stopping Tyler Herro in 2020, not even COVID-19. He was also the OG “White Boy of the Year” so his name will forever be cemented in history.

2021 – Jack Harlow – In my opinion, Jack Harlow brought the “White Boy of the Year” title to new heights. He changed the game. Similarly, in 1906, the forward pass was introduced to football. He wrapped the award up EARLY in 2021. There was no stopping him that year. A special year for him.

2022 – Joe Burrow – I mentioned how Jack Harlow changed the game in 2021. Joe Burrow took it to new heights in 2022. I had never seen more girls interested in football until Joe Burrow came around. I couldn’t go on social media without seeing an overedited thirst trap of Joe Burrow.

2023 – Travis Kelce (Not Yet Announced) – If Travis Kelce loses this award this year, this will be a worse choke job than what happened with the Falcons in ’17. He won a Super Bowl and is now dating Taylor Swift. He is on a special run this year with no peers coming close.

Written by TFM Stelly

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