Will Mike Tyson Knock Logan Paul The Fuck Out?

Love or hate the Paul’s; they are making boxing relevant for younger generations. Logan Paul was able to stay upright when he boxed 44-year-old Floyd Mayweather. Even though maybe Floyd was actually holding him up when Paul’s legs were shaky.

Floyd might be considered as one of the best boxers ever, but he’s a boxer. He knows how to score points, avoid punches, and win matches. That is not Mike Tyson. Mike will knock you into next week. He doesn’t try to score points. He tries to knock your head off your shoulders.

The perfect way to explain how dominant Mike was in his prime was when my dad said that he bought one of his pay per views and the old giant satellite took forever to load by the time the picture came on the screen. Mike was already lifting his arm in victory. Iron Mike might not be in his prime since he is 55 years old.

I don’t care how old he is; I would be terrified to take a punch from Mike. Tyson resumed his boxing career last year against Roy Jones Jr, and even at 54, he didn’t look bad. The entire fight was an exhibition, and you could tell that Mike could’ve kept going. He looked that good.

I was too young to watch Mike in his prime, so I don’t care how old he is. I’ll be buying this fight. Plus, a chance that a Paul brother gets his head knocked off his shoulders, I’m all in.

Written by Mailman Dave

Just a regular mailman who wants to sit around and write about sports​

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