AB84 Threw It To Toilet-Licking OnlyFans Model Before Melting Down Vs Jets

The twists and turns of the Antonio Brown saga keep getting better. This time, it is an update from OnlyFans “star” Ava Louise, who let the world know she was busy making a sex tape with AB before his game with against the Jets.

Louise who was first made “famous” for licking a toilet seat as part of a coronavirus challenge, said that she and Brown hooked up after sneaking past Tampa Bay Buccaneers hotel security at the Jersey City Westin Saturday night.

And, oh by the way, Brown allegedly filmed the two of them having sex.

“When we had sex, he wanted to film it and make a tape on my phone. He wanted me to put it out there,” Louise told The Daily Mail.

“But he wanted to create that. I think it was purposeful considering how he’s been acting in the media. He wants that controversy, he wants this attached to his name.”

Louise gave the receipts to the Mail in a series of texts between her and Brown. The encounter lasted an hour and then Louise made the executive decision to hit the road after the wide receiver told her that he had an early meeting scheduled with Tom Brady.

“He wanted me to sleep over. He told me I could sleep over but he would have to sneak me out because he had a meeting with [Tom] Brady very early in the morning,” she said.

Louise claims she’s worried about Brown’s mental health after their Satuday night sex session where he was mumbling and called his interactions with her “a really weird situation.”

“I had no intention of exposing Antonio Brown ever but then I saw what happened and I thought, oh my god, I’ve seen the events leading up to this breakdown – I’m involved,” Louise said.

“I really couldn’t understand half of what he said [at the hotel] because he was mumbling. This man really did not seem OK.”

Oh… she also posted that she is Covid positive… so, if there is an outbreak at the Bucs facility, we know why!

Written by Malcolm Henry

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