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Will Levis And His Girlfriend Have Broken Up After He Was Named Third-String QB

If you watched the 2023 NFL Draft, you remember Will Levis falling out of the first round. You also probably remember his girlfriend, who was indeed, REALLY HOT!

Tennessee Titans third-string quarterback Will Levis has ended his three-year relationship with Gia Duddy, his girlfriend who became famous during the 2023 NFL Draft. Duddy had planned to move with Levis to Nashville, where she would be pursuing nursing school, However, those plans fell apart, leading to their split, as reported by Pardon My Take.

Gia Duddy gained social media attention during the 2023 NFL Draft when her reaction to Levis sliding down the draft board went viral. Levis, who was expected to be picked earlier, ultimately became the Titans’ 33rd overall pick in the second round.

Duddy’s newfound popularity resulted in a significant increase in her Instagram and TikTok followers. She even signed an endorsement deal with Burger King due to her exposure during the draft.

I feel bad for Will Levis, not only did he lose so much money by falling so far in the NFL Draft, but he also lost his girlfriend after being named the third-string QB for the Titans. I can relate to his pain though. In elementary school, I raced a kid on the track and lost. My then-girlfriend broke up with me and started dating the guy who beat me. To be fair, it’s a little different, but I am sure it still hurts him.

I really hope Will Levis can turn it around because he seems like a good dude. The third-string QB for the Titans is bad. Being behind Malik Willis on the depth chart is really bad. Malik Willis looked like he had never played quarterback in his life when he played for the Titans last year.

Breakups suck, but I am sure Will Levis can find plenty of bachelorette parties in Nashville and get some very easy rebounds up.

Written by TFM Stelly

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