Absolute Legend Meat Loaf Dies

If you haven’t ever heard of Meat Loaf, I suggest hopping on your Spotify right freaking now and giving the entirety of the Bat Out Of Hell album a listen because it’s an absolute classic. Sadly, though, its creator, Meat Loaf, has passed away at the age of 74.

“Paradise By the Dashboard Light” is a karaoke classic, but if you the name Meat Loaf still isn’t ringing a bell, let’s dive into his acting credits. Most famously is his role in David Fincher’s iconic film, Fight Club. He played Robert “Bitch Tits Bob” Paulson, and if you haven’t seen that for some idiotic reason, he was also Tiny in Wayne’s World as well as Eddie in The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Maybe I’m one of the only people in the 18-25 age range that is truly saddened by this news, but I feel it important to say one thing before I end this short blog remembering the legend that is Meat Loaf:

His name is Robert Paulson.

Rest In Peace, Meat Loaf, I’ll miss you.

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