Adele, Oprah Help Couple Get Engaged… Now They Want More From The MegaStars

There may not be a more powerful woman in the world than Oprah, and there may not be a more vocally talented woman in the world than Adele. The powerhouse pair came together for an Adele One Night Only special, and they doubled down on ‘special’ by helping a dude propose.

That is a big fvcking W. Imagine the clout you get with that move. Damn.

Now, apparently, that isn’t actually enough. The pair sat down for an interview and said they would love for Adele to perform at the wedding… and Oprah to officiate it.

I mean, go big.

Quentin Brunson and Ashleigh Mann spoke with TMZ about how they got selected for the special opportunity, what it was like being in the moment, and shared if it was as magical as it appeared on the CBS telecast.

Go to the tape:

If you missed the Adele special and want to check out the moment that I am even typing about, you can….

Go to the tape:

Written by Malcolm Henry

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