After Calling All White People Racist, Salvation Army Can Not Figure Out Why Donations Are Down

NEW YORK, NEW YORK - DECEMBER 23: A Salvation Army Bell Ringer collects donations for the holiday at the Upper West Side in Manhattan during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic on December 23, 2020 in New York City. The pandemic has caused long-term repercussions throughout the tourism and entertainment industries, including temporary and permanent closures of historic and iconic venues, costing the city and businesses billions in revenue. (Photo by Roy Rochlin/Getty Images)

You can add the Salvation Army to the group of businesses that are learning that “Go Woke, Go Broke” is very real.

It was just about a month ago with their donation push, SalVo also dropped a guidebook titled “Let’s Talk About Racism,” where the organization called to Christians to reflect on and rectify the contributions they have made to social inequalities and prejudicial systems that have harmed minorities.

The Salvation Army stated that it believes in bigoted race grifter Ibram X. Kendi’s idea that white people are responsible for “unconscious bias.” The organization said it hopes white donors will recognize their own contributions to racism and adopt, as Kendi puts it, “a posture of … anti-racism.”

Stunningly, the move to appease idiots on Twitter did not go over with real people… who would have seen that coming?

Now… The Salvation Army is saying its giving season is in dire straights.

According to FOX13 in Seattle, the Salvation Army is facing a shortage of toys and donations ahead of the holiday season, and urge communities to find a way to help.

The nonprofit reports it gets 75% of total annual donations during November and December, and they are once again in need of support. That help can come in the form of an online donation at the virtual Northwest Red Kettle.

“There are many reasons why both financial and toy donations are down this year, not the least of which is likely pandemic fatigue and concerns about employment and the future,” said Colonel Cindy Foley of the NW Salvation Army Division. “We are actually trying to provide food, shelter, toys and clothing to double the number of families we served last Christmas, and in the midst of the growing need we are seeing fewer people donating at our virtual and physical kettles.”

Not only is the nonprofit organization short on donations, they also are in desperate need of bell ringers to staff the red kettles seen at businesses around the country.

Yeah… the pandemic fatigue is what did this… not calling your donors racists.

At least they had the good sense to try and hide their appeasement to the Leftist Horde with a redirect page.

“The situation is dire, and we are asking our generous supporters in the region to donate to the virtual Northwest Red Kettle as well as make donations at every physical kettle in whatever way you can,” said Foley.

In case you missed the propaganda from them, we saved it.

The guide read: “The subtle nature of racism is such that people who are not consciously racist easily function with the privileges, empowerment and benefits of the dominant ethnicity, thus unintentionally perpetuating injustice.”

“For instance, devout Christians who naively use racial epithets or a well-intentioned Sunday School curriculum that only uses white photography and imagery,” the Salvation Army adds.

“In the absence of making anti-racist choices, we (un) consciously uphold aspects of White supremacy, White-dominant culture, and unequal institutions and society,” it concluded.

Written by Malcolm Henry


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  1. I have been donating $250. a year since 1994 to the salvation army. But since I am now considered a white racist I guess they can kiss my ass. I would sooner burn the money in front of them first. So I hope the person in charge burns in hell.

    • I completely agree with you. For the first time in my life I made no donations to the “woke” Salvation Army. I’m finished with those left wing nit wits now that I know they despise me. They can kiss my ass.

      • Stop it. It never said that. It said that as a member of the dominant culture BY FAR, and for hundreds of years, it is easy to be subconsciously insensitive to a person of another race and a very NON DOMINANT cultural lifestyle and the obstacles that they often face. So it is just asking us, as members of the dominant culture BY FAR, to look within ourselves, and make a little pact to get to know and learn about the CULTURE of OTHERS, and in the United States that largely means people of color. Why the resistance? You seem like asking you/us to look within ourselves is racist against white people. But it’s really called an age old dominant race comfort zone, right?

  2. i’m still at a loss seeing spineless corporate ceo’s just bend over backwards trying to appease 13% of the population.

    • As far as I know the Salvation Army has never discriminated when giving before. So what’s the point in having a “talk” about racism? People of all races have always given and the Salvation Army has alway disbursed those gifts to anyone in need. THAT’s how you combat racism. Doingwhat you’ve always done.
      Woke (aka liberal doctrine) is satanic. If people would just do the right thing, racism would fall away. Racism is a sin found in every single race. You can’t single one out. The whole thing is stupid and I did not give to them this year.

  3. I have donated 100$ a month each month for the past 9 years. Since I’m now apparently racist, my money will go elsewhere fuck them.

  4. I’m not gonna fund their anti whiteness anymore than I would if it was against another race. It’s time organizations like this learned a valuable lesson and the only way to do that is to lose donations.

  5. I give a donation each month from my check to help food shelves. I found out my workplace gave it to the Salvation Army. I sent an email to HR to cancel. I won’t give it to them. I’ll donate to my own places that aren’t woke AF.

  6. I’m one of those “(un) conscious White supremacists” they spoke of, so why would they want my filthy money, anyway?

  7. Since they are calling me an evil racist just based on the color of my skin, I will not sully their fine woke organization with any of my filthy racist money. Ever.

    PS. My African-American wife sends her regards

    • Wokeness is ruining this country! It’s got to stop and fortunately we are at least slowing it down. Don’t they realize they are hurting the very people they claim to care about? 🤦

  8. Obviously they thought corporate donations would pour in like they did for Black Lives Matter if they publicized this document/ guide on their website. Someone made an administrative error for sure! I will donate to St. JUDE’s now I guess.

  9. I wish the hell I would donate again to this BS. I’ll find my on family to help this year. Fuck the salvation army. From here forward fuck em!

  10. We donated monthly to them and support there red kettles every time we passed them. Sorry if I’m a racist so is my money. No more donations by mail and we walk ride pass the bell ringers at the red kettles.

  11. Just great, my family has always given to Salvation Army. Now my white ( and adopted colored members) will find other charities who are not resists themselves to give to! Salvation Army can kiss this mostly whites ass. Good by.

  12. $10,000 a year from the Dixon family WAS Donated. MY whiteness must offend them I guess so does our money. Ringing that damn bell is now the sound of whiteness . 80% of donations come from white people organizations


    • A family member is on that board. You can add my name to the list. BTW, this wokeness doesn’t just hit all at once. This is a heart issue for people at the top. If their personal views on God’s word are screwed up, then the wokeness is a logical next step. That’s just my own observation from 50 years of knowing just ONE of those folks up there, and that’s not the entire board. Maybe people need to start at the top and work their way down and clean God’s house at the SA. Btw, you have some very powerful, financially well-off and well-connected people up there. The one I know is very connected to judges, corporations, celebrities, etc. It’s NOT just “serving God.” That’s a logical result of the pride and sin that comes from the attitude that you can do whatever you want to whomever you want and aren’t accountable to anyone else and have lived your life like that for 80 years. Some day, they are going to have to face the ultimate judge. Yes, this is personal, too. Our family has suffered because of this, and it’s connected to the SA. I’ve often thought of contacting the SA but have been told they won’t do anything because they want the money this person brings in. Before, I would have tried to protect this person and the SA, but when it affects my kids, all bets are off.

      • I’m sorry. I shouldn’t post family stuff on a board in the middle of nowhere. No one cares. Please just pray for our family. We could really use it right now.

  13. Have donated for years. Both at Christmas time and throughout the year with household donations. Sorry. Im just too white for them any longer. Im just too busy repenting for my white racist ways I knew nothing about. Then you all deny by lying to boot! Isn’t that against your teachings as well? What a joke. We have all been duped by this non-Christian company. I’ll take my donations to the DAV from here on out. Get woke, go broke.

  14. My wife & I never passed a red kettle without donating something, that ended when they got “woke”, I guess we are too white for them.

  15. White Uncle Tom he tried to spin
    But now look at the mess he’s in
    Tom tried like hell to spin it like a top
    But the top turned out to be a flop
    Waited too long to take it off the site
    Never should have used the word “White”
    It will be in cyberspace for quite a while
    Because now it’s snipped into a Jpeg file
    White Uncle Tom will never go away
    White Uncle Tom is here to stay
    But Tom had his chance to come clean
    And that would have ended the scene
    But Tom didn’t do that as you know
    Now he’s digging himself a deeper hole
    Tom tried to push his WOKE vision
    But it turned out to be a bad decision
    Tried to ram WOKE down everyone’s throat
    But now Tom knows that he missed the boat
    Tom’s mistake was to peddle his WOKE
    Now he’s nothing more than a stand-up joke
    Tom must swallow his own bitter pill
    Now he’s as phony as a three-dollar bill
    Black racists are the ones Tom must please
    So Tom gets down on his hands and knees
    On his hands and knees Tom looks at the sky
    And he says to his master “Jump how high?”
    And as Tom looks up at his black master
    Master tells Tom to apologize faster
    Tom’s own doing for the world he’s in
    Because he played himself like a violin
    Blacks never committed a racist crime
    Only Whites who did it all this time
    For White Uncle Tom it’s part of the norm
    White children are racist before they’re born
    Something that Tom doesn’t want to see
    That he wallows in his own hypocrisy
    Tom can run from it far and wide
    But from it he can never hide
    White Uncle Tom he tried to peddle
    But now they walk right past his kettle
    Now when Tom goes to ring his bell
    Tom will find it a very hard sell

    Reply Reply All Forward

  16. So I’m racist before I’m born? Is that only if I’m white? And Christianity is racist too? So then what does John 12:32 mean? “And I, when I am lifted up from the earth, will draw all people to myself.” Do all you woke companies think we need you? You need us! You’d better wake up! Just like the old saying, “ You better check yourself before you wreck yourself!”

  17. I am extremely surprised , mad, and upset that the Salvation Army has fallen for woke and Marxist ideology!! What a bunch of idiots ! And I thought they were a Christian organization !! Guess I will no longer donate ANYTHING to them !

  18. This woke girl wore blinders every time I entered Walmart this year. I’ve donated every year until I realized my money would be better suited to a local community outreach

  19. I’m not totally surprised. I used to work for The Salvation Army and saw them surrendering more and more to their leftist social workers, who were not required to be Christian. It was difficult to try to promote Christian principles when they were promoting just the opposite.

  20. I saw a volunteer with the red kettle outside a grocery store the other day. What used to feel heartwarming and led to my donation now feels dirty. I avoided it as did most people.
    I am REALLY SICK of feeling guilty for being born white. Salvation Army has really blown it for themselves and even worse the people who are in need – whites and blacks and etc ….

  21. I feel as though I have been misled by the Salvation Army all these many years. I should probably have used the words “Lied to” because that’s what it appears happened. No more donations of money or things they could sell in their stores. They should just fade away into the past.

  22. Now the woke Salvation army is trying to do damage control and blame the very people who exposed their anti white movement. I spent years volunteering at the Salvation army and doing their Angel tree from my business. Any place that has a diversity and inclusion committee can forget about my money and my racist time. I absolutely refuse to support wokeness garbage

  23. “The organization said it hopes white donors will recognize their own contributions to racism…” Well, the more my alleged “contributions to racism” go UP… the more my contributions to the Salvation Army go DOWN.

  24. For many years I’ve rang the bell in all kinds of bad weather. I never walked past a bell and not gave money. Never again because the people who run this organization are woke ass holes. I will be donating my time and money to other charities. I hope the Salvation Army goes out of business. Liberalism is a mental illness.

  25. Around 2018 we decided to give monthly to the SA and then I heard what everyone else heard
    I wont support wokeness no way no how and im still getting their monthly mailer which go directly do not open trash.
    White racist man

  26. We have donated yearly since the early 1960’s. My husband was involved in protecting Detroit during the riots, and the Salvation Army was there everyday providing food, etc.
    The RED CROSS required payment up front, who has money in their pockets on “the front line”?
    It has really been a horrific wake-up call to realize that our WHITENESS is a sin in the eyes of the corporation, which SERVES ALL!

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