Airplane ‘Karen’ Was Former Playmate, Baywatch Actress, Raider Cheerleader

Well, damn. The woman who was the internet focus for a day after causing chaos on a Delta flight used to be a smokeshow… before becoming a mask crazed lunatic.

Patricia Cornwall, is a former actress, Raiders cheerleader, and also appeared in Playboy videos during the 1990. Too bad she will be most remembered for being taken into custody by the FBI after slapping and spitting on some dude on an airplane.

To the tape!

This is where you all first saw Airplane Karen… but maybe your dad saw her first …

During the 1990s, Cornwall was known as Patty Breton and she was a Los Angeles Raiders cheerleader who eventually made her way into the entertainment world with bit roles on Fox’s Married With Children and Baywatch.

Shakin those pom poms for the LA Raiders…

On Baywatch, Breton played Petra in “The Contest” episode. According to the show archives, “Mitch judges a beachside beauty contest, but is tempted by two of the contestants, who both vie for his vote. Caroline’s acting teacher puts her relationship with Logan in jeopardy. Cody designs a new rescue vehicle.”

Breton followed up those appearances by going the Playboy route in 1997.

She is credited with appearances in Playboy: Cheerleaders (as herself) and in Playboy: Women Behaving Badly in the “All wet” scene.

She also appeared in Playboy Germany in 1998.

Now, she will be more famous for her freak out than all of her other attempts.

“Put your f— mask on!” she yells at the man.

“Sit down, Karen!” he fires back.

She tells him to mask up and that was when things hit the boiling point.

“You mask up, b—!” he responds, which leads to Cornwall slapping and spitting on the man.

“You’re going to jail!” he yells back as Delta employees try to regain control of the cabin.

Written by Malcolm Henry

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