Almost (Free) Fry Day?

Free fries at Wendy’s and McDonald’s this week everyone! Here’s what you need to know.

On Wednesday which is National French Fry Day, yes that is a real thing, McDonald’s will be giving away free large fries through their app with no purchase necessary. Literally actually free. The only thing you need is the app and to be a part of the loyalty program which is also free to join.

Wendy’s has also announced Fry week, where customers will be able to get free sides of fries with certain purchases that change every day, as long as the customer orders through the app and is a part of the free loyalty program.

While this offer is great and everyone should take advantage of it, I know I will, the companies are doing this because they see an uptick in loyalty customer spending as opposed to people who are not in the program. The “free” benefits encourage getting food at that certain chain which in turn increases profits, so while the deals are great the restaurants always have a method to their madness.

All that being said, go get your free fries.

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Written by Ben Mulry

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