Andrew Bogut Goes After a Jenner?

I know I’m a little behind on the Bogut/Jenner drama, but some new stuff came out of it so I figured I would just start from the beginning.

Last week after the draft, seemingly out of the blue, Andrew Bogut fired off this tweet going after Kendall Jenner, even going so far as to tag her.

Seems like he went after her for her tendency to hop around dating NBA player after NBA player. Funny? Absolutely. True? Seems to be. Out of pocket? 100%.

The internet was split, as it always is. Some people thought it was a gross attempt to slut shame someone who just has a type, the type being the top .01% of basketball players on the planet. The other group thought it was hilarious and fair play.

Andrew didn’t care people took issue with his words, doubling down last night and saying this.

More Jenner trolling with maybe some slight jabs at journalists/reporters. Overall pretty funny shit, but a lot of people are upset about the “body has been banged up” part of it. I don’t think Kendall really cares though, I’m sure she and her bank account are both doing just fine.

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Written by Ben Mulry

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