Antonio Brown Takes Off Jersey and Leaves the Field

For the past three years, Antonio Brown has been in the news for his shenanigans more than any other player in the NFL. Allegations of sexual assault and misconduct, a fake COVID vaccine card, and just overall ridiculousness have been his motto in recent times, and he continued that today.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers faced off against the Jets today, and at the time of this blog being written, the score is 24-17 Jets (which is incredibly embarrassing for a team that is one of the favorites to win the NFC). I guess Antonio Brown had enough. In the third quarter, he took off his jersey and pads, threw his shirt into the stands, ran around shirtless for a little while, and then walked off the field. Mike Evans tried to calm him down, but clearly it didn’t work all that well.

Here’s a few videos and pictures of the absolute moron doing it:

I mean, there’s really only one thing to say after watching this: what the actual fuck? I’ve really never seen anything like that in the middle of an NFL game, especially considering that despite the fact that they’re (currently) losing to the Jets, he’s on a time that just won a Super Bowl and has a fair shot at another one this year. 

Only time will tell what exactly possessed Antonio Brown to do this, but I’m starting to wonder if this was him saying goodbye to the NFL. If so, it’s probably going to go down as one of the most iconic resignations in NFL history. If he isn’t quitting football, I’m really looking forward to hearing his explanation.

UPDATE: Antonio Brown got CUT during the game and his replacement went on to score the game winning touchdown. What a fantastic turn of events.

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