Apparently Bug Beer Is A Thing And We Need To Stop It

No amount of ‘supply chain issues’ is going to force me into eating bugs as a normal thing. Same can be said about drinking them. Stop this bug-water beer trend, FFS.

Insect Sour (“Konchu Sour” in Japanese) is the latest bug-based drink to jump on the hype plane and make its way to America. And we need to collectively ignore this.

The company makes no attempt to disguise the fact that it is fvcking bug beer. They put that nasty looking thing right on the label.

The bug, you ask, is commonly known as an “Indian toe-biter”… which seems like your Lib friends should find racist and since they are the most likely to drink this beer, make sure you point out how racist it is. And help curb this trend.

Anyway, the racist ass bug can grow to over four inches in length, and are known to prey on other freshwater creatures such as other insects, fish, and small amphibians. In other words, this roach looking racist bug is a pretty serious predator, too.

Sorry, not drinking this. Ever.

What does it taste like? I don’t fvcking know and I never will.

How did their marketing team sell it:

Bugs Farm claims to have captured the unique aroma of the male water bug pheromones in the beer’s bouquet and listed “water bug extract” on the bottle as the drink’s main ingredient.

The bug is said to have a sweet, almost fruity, flavor and has been compared to a prawn.

So … bug beer that tastes like seafood?

Count me double out.

Oh, it also cost $5.55 per bottle.

So, overpriced bug beer that tastes like seafood.

Fvck me. No.

Written by Malcolm Henry


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  1. considering the beer is coming from Asia they probably mean Indian as in “from India”. So not racist. Also way to be culturally insensitive cnsidering bugs are culturally a part of different Asian cuisine. like this whole “article” reads like a poorly written tweet sent at 3am. 0/10 stop being an asshole

  2. So by that logic, saying “Chinese virus” as in “from China” isn’t racist? Better tell Brandon and friends. Also, an American not wanting to try bug beer in America where bugs are not culturally part of American cuisine isn’t insensitive, it’s expressing a personal preference. As to the “poorly written tweet sent at 3am” thing…well, if you’re just now catching on to that, this must be your first visit to TFM. Lovers of Pulitzer-level journalism are decidedly not the target audience. 0/11 better to be a hole in one than to have a stick up one.

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