Arby’s Manager Caught Peeing in Milkshake Mix

Steven Sharp, a night manager at an Arby’s location in Washington State had his phone seized by police as he was being investigated for child pornography distribution. While going through his phone police found a video of Sharp urinating into the milkshake mix during a shift.

This bozo confessed to doing it at least twice, then said he was pretty sure he threw the contaminated bags out, but couldn’t be positive. If he didn’t throw it out both times that means the pisshake was probably served to customers. The police have told people in that area to contact investigators if they have proof of purchase for a milkshake on the day the video was taken.

I guess Steve got some sexual pleasure out of pissing in the milkshake mix. Not really sure how that works, and I don’t usually shame people for weird habits, but this guy sucked, and his habit contaminated people’s food they bought from him which is not okay.

Obviously, he was immediately fired and is currently in Clark County jail. A health official said there were no serious health consequences for anyone who might have consumed a milkshake with pee in it, but that doesn’t change how disgusted and violated I would feel if I had gotten one.

Sharp has confessed to being into some disgusting stuff, the pee milkshake not even being close to the worst. This guy is a scumbag and I hope he gets put away for a long time.

This would have never happened at Mcdonald’s because the machine probably would have been broken anyway.

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Written by Ben Mulry

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