Armed Robbery at Former NBA Star’s Multi-Million Dollar Estate

One of the greatest dunkers in NBA history has just been slammed himself as his $7 million estate was burglarized in the middle of the night on Sunday. According to Atlanta Police, Vince Carter’s home was broken into and robbed of $84,000 while Carter’s wife and two children were home.

Despite the mansion being rigged with 16 closed-circuit security cameras as well as a metal fence enclosing the property, a man was able to gain entry to the 10,000-square-foot home by smashing through a window.

Upon hearing the window break and some rummaging, Sondi Carter and her two children hid in a closet and called the police as well as the neighborhood security patrol. The neighborhood patrol arrived at the house first, only to see a black SUV fleeing the scene.

On the front lawn, two guns and $16,000 in cash were left behind. One of the two guns turned out to be Carter’s, while the other was a Glock 26 pistol with an extended magazine. Though no one was harmed, Carter says the man took a bag containing $100,000 in cash. Many rooms throughout the house were also found in disarray with some items being destroyed and damaged.

While no suspects have been publicly named yet, police did manage to collect a fingerprint left from the scene of the crime.

It’s unclear why exactly the man left $16,000 in the front yard, but even more confusing as to why Carter keeps $100,000 in cash just lying in his closet. Thankfully everyone is safe considering money is not the biggest priority for the former NBA All-Star and future Hall of Famer.

Alex Becker

Written by Alex Becker

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