B.o.B is Being Sued for $3 Million… Don’t Worry, It’s Not His Fault

Rapper B.o.B has put out tons of hits in his career: “Airplanes,” “Nothin’ on You,” “Headband,” and my personal favorite, “Magic” just to name a few. Somehow, though, it seems he let just a little bit of debt rack up in the course of cranking out bangers. A little being just about $3 million. Ouch.

B.o.B has twenty days to respond to the lawsuit that was filed, or else he would face some seriously expensive payouts. According to reports from TMZ, Round Hill Music and Artists Rights Management named the artist and his touring company in the lawsuit, claiming that he violated a deal made in January of 2017 that stipulated certain payouts after live performances of his songs.

According to B.o.B, this isn’t his fault at all. He stated that it all falls on his former manager, saying, “I have not seen the lawsuit but am aware my former manager had entered into agreements without my knowledge. I take my business seriously and look forward to getting to the truth of what happened.”

If that really is the case, it would make his former manager an all-time scumbag. Artists already struggle to get any kind of compensation for their music due to music streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music, and labels typically take a major chunk of any successful artist’s earnings, which is most likely why B.o.B moved to his own, private label to release his most recent album, Murd & Mercy, in 2021. You just have to hope that a move made without his knowledge doesn’t financially ruin B.o.B so that he can continue making music through his own label and, hopefully, avoid any more major lawsuits.

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