Baltimore Ravens Honor Michael K. Williams, Omar With ‘Farmer In the Dell’ Entrance

The world lost an incredible talent when Michael K. Williams passed away earlier this month at just 54. Williams was tremendous in his many roles but his most recognizable was as Omar Little in the Baltimore-based epic, The Wire.

To commemorate his life and passing, the Ravens opened its game against the Kansas City Chiefs with the sound of Williams’ “The Farmer In the Dell” whistling.

If you haven’t seen The Wire then you need to close this tab and get started on it immediately. If you have, you already know that Omar would whistle the tune before attacking his next victim — usually a shitty drug dealer, that did not adhere to his moral code.

David Simon — the man who created “The Wire” and a former Baltimore Sun crime reporter —  tweeted that he “heard the sound of Omar whistling” from the stadium and “thought [he’d] lost [his] s**t.

“It’s the little things that are gonna get me, I guess,” Simon said. “But Michael [sic] gonna last.”

Williams is a native New Yorker but adopted Baltimore as his second city, visiting the city frequently even after the show ended.

The Ravens also finally got over the hump, bettering the Chiefs in a great game.

Photo via Baltimore Ravens website.

Written by Malcolm Henry

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