Beat It: Michael Jackson Impersonator Kicks Hecklers Ass

Santana Jackson, a Michael Jackson impersonator in Vegas, was caught on video sweeping the leg and then taking it to a heckling fan.

It is honestly, pretty epic.

To the tape!

The MJ impersonator took down this guy in green with relative ease. It wasn’t much of an effort to get that win but the Faux Jackson is also speaking up about what led up to the incident.

From the clip in TMZ (below) it sounds like it was a pretty random attack and from somebody who wasn’t mentally stable.

Check that out.

The performer claims that the man in green literally just went on and hit him for no reason, which set things off to what become that video above.

Santana also told TMZ that he’s been training in pro wrestling on the indie scene and he knew how to subdue the aggressor without really doing much damage.

Apparently the cops eventually showed up where, Santana says, he had to give them a taste of his moves.

Written by Malcolm Henry

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