Beauty Pageant Being Sued Because It Selects Contestants Based on ….. Beauty

Well, this is an interesting one. Even based on today’s standard.

Three competitors — along with a feminist organization — are attempting to sue Miss France as well as Endemol Production, the company that airs the pageant, because they allege the group has broken French labor law through enforcing its “discriminatory selection criteria.”

Oh, for fvck sake.

Osez le feminisme’s (the most French feminist org name ever, right?) lawyer Violaine De Filippis-Abate has stated that, in accordance with French labor law, companies are legally forbidden from discriminating against people based on ‘morals, age, family status or physical appearance’.

PHYSICAL APPEARANCE is kind of the 100% the reason for a fvkcing BEAUTY CONTEST.

It is right there in the name… Beauty… Contest…

Now, here are the rules:

Contestants must be single.
Contestants must be taller than 5-foot-6.
Contestants must never have been married.
Contestants must never have had a child.
Contestants may not not piercings (other than ears).
Contestants may not have tattoos.

During the contest, they also can not change their hairstyles.

Listen… all of that sounds fine as rules for a beauty contest (even though I personally enjoy piercings and ink, but whatever).

Additionally, no contest is an “employee” of a contest, nor do they sign an employment contract, so not sure what the grounds for this suit actually will be.

Both sides have taken to twitter, of course.

With the feminists saying, “In the 1970s, feminists were already mobilizing against #MissMonde, today @osezlefeminisme is in line with this fight by tackling #MissFrance . We will continue to fight and we will not be intimidated.

While the logical group has been…. more logical.

You can parade in a swimsuit and be a feminist. We are no longer in the days of ‘look beautiful and shut up’.

Miss France is still set to go live on Dec. 11.

Written by Malcolm Henry

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