‘Black Panther’ Director Ryan Coogler, Two Friends Cuffed After Bank Robbery … Situation?

Ryan Coogler has directed some great flicks, Black Panther and Creed, among them. Well, he was put in cuffs by police after being mistaken for a bank robber.

The ‘miscommunication’ happened in Atlanta earlier this year and Bank of America has apologized to him for the situation.

What ha happen was… Coogler went to the bank to withdraw cash and gave the teller a withdrawal slip with a note that read, “I would like to withdraw $12,000 cash from my checking account. Please do the money count somewhere else. I’d like to be discreet.”

Soooooo the teller thought the letter was suspicious and called the police to report an attempted robbery.

That was probably a little aggressive.

According to TMZ, when the officers arrived they detained the two people who arrived at the bank with Coogler before then entered the bank and took Coogler away in handcuffs.

Damn… like maybe ask him a question or something?

Police, wisely, put the fault for the incident on the teller, who was described as a pregnant Black woman. According to the police report, the withdrawal triggered an alert, so the teller told her boss there was a robbery attempt. They then called 911.

After police told Coogler he was being released, the filmmaker asked for the badge numbers of everyone involved in his arrest.

He also told TMZ he moved on from the incident: “This situation should never have happened. However, Bank of America worked with me and addressed it to my satisfaction and we have moved on.”

Written by Malcolm Henry

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