Bloodthirsty Squirrel Has Reign Of Terror End After 18 Victims

Sneaking in under the radar for one of my favorite headlines of 2021 was that gem. Goodness. The squirrel went on a two-day Christmas rampage that left 18 people — as well as multiple dogs and cats — injured in Wales.

The fluffy tailed rat was thankfully captured and euthanized, at least according to locals who experienced a Pet Semetary sequel that will stand the test of time and go down in Welsh lore.

“I’m relieved I caught him because my grandson who is only two plays in the garden and had to stop because it’s not safe,” Corrine Reynolds told the Evening Standard.

“But I’m sad because I’m an animal lover and because of me this squirrel lost his life. I know people don’t like grey squirrels but they are all gods creatures to me.

“But although I see him several times a day in my own garden his behaviour over the last three days gave me cause for concern. He in diving for me running to me fast as soon as he saw me.”

Certainly the NextDoor app for that area had to be lit with folks sharing their stories of being attacked by the rodent.

One woman reported the squirrel had attacked her two Bengal cats.

One guy reported just trying to enjoy a smoke when the squirrel jumped him.

One lady was out getting her recycling bins when Stripe grabbed her hand and tore into her fingers.

Damn, squirrel.

Another dropped info about the varmint attacking passers by.

Personally, I hate squirrels so I am glad this little fvcker is dead. The entire story gives me another reason to hate them, to be honest, so I will continue to be leery of the entire species and pay closer attention if they try to get close.

I would advise you do to the same.

Written by Malcolm Henry

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