Bob Dole Goes To The Grave With A Joke To Make Norm MacDonald Proud

Bob Dole died on Sunday at the age of 98. He went out having one last laugh that would have made Norm MacDonald — the man who played him on SNL, who also passed this year and — proud.

In his final letter, read by his daughter Robin, Dole wondered whether “like others who have gone before me,… I will still be able to vote in Chicago.”

See… it is funny because it is true.

We have seen countless times that dead people are still voting for Democrats. So, Dole using it in his own eulogy is amazing.

Me, myself, like many of you, don’t remember much of anything about Bob Dole.

I have seen clips and remember the pen in his hand thing… so this was something that still made me laugh.

It was a really perfectly timed joke, that immediately had the majority of mourners inside of Arlington National Cathedral erupting in laughter. Senator Dole had clearly been preparing for this moment.

I say majority because there were plenty of Democrats that probably had to choke back a laugh…

He continued:

“As I make the final walk on my life’s journey, I do so without fear. Because I know that I will again not be walking alone. I know that God will be walking with me,” Robin Dole read on her father’s behalf.

Dole confessed: “I’m a bit curious to learn if I am correct in thinking that heaven will look a lot like Kansas,” the state he so proudly represented.

From the sounds of it, open mic night inside of Heaven’s pearly gates is about to get a whole lot more entertaining.

Written by Malcolm Henry

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